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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the busiest cities in Southeast Asia and has a lot to offer for travellers coming here to have fun. From picturesque views upon the dynamic city to great places that serve delicious food, night clubs and of course the most interesting museums. One of these museums is the superb Royal Barges Museum, where you can discover the country’s most interesting vessels called the Royal Barges.

The Royal Barges were the most important vessels in Thailand’s history and they have an interesting story behind them. They were used in ceremonies and different state events. These events took place rarely so witnessing one of these boats was a unique experience. Actually, the barges have been out just 16 times in the 65 years making those who witnessed them extremely lucky.  But there’s more than their lack of public appearance that makes these boats so unique, it’s the way they are decorated and the materials that were used for their making. Every boat was carved with intricate decorations as well as engraved with mythical creatures. Gold was used to make these pieces even more precious and glass was used to create intricate details on the surface.

The boats were taken out during festival times and some even have to be rowed by 50 oarsmen and another 14 crewmembers.  Unfortunately, there are some of the vessels that were highly damaged during wars but photos of them still exist in the museum.

Seeing each of these lovely boats up close is definitely entertaining and guests at the museum can learn more details about every boat as things like the number of crewmembers and the year it was built are inscribed on them. The whole museum consists in 50 boats, all representing mythological creatures but one of them stands out with its imposing details and grandiose appearance.

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Bangkok, having this little history incursion can be a great way to go off the beaten path. Whether you are with your kids or as a couple, it can be a very fun activity. Make sure that you go on the banks of the canal that connect to the Chao Phraya River by getting a boat. The museum even has a small bar where you can get a cold drink during the hot days. It may be included in city itineraries as it is an often sought after location by visitors.

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