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Most of the Sukhothai guests want to never leave the place. The beautiful hotel has been built to offer a secluded retreat in the middle of noisy Bangkok so that guests feel like home but are also free to experiment the city easily. The distinct apartments here are probably what most enjoy. The opulent suites are built with private balconies and sun terraces where you can relax and enjoy the air or a private dining experience. They overlook the still lotus ponds, the green courtyard garden and the magnificent pools that are located there. Each of the suites is spectacular with the smallest measuring around 66 square meters and the most spacious having around 198 square meters. The latter offers accommodation fit for a king, and in fact, there have been many important politicians and celebrities who have lived here and experienced Bangkok and the excellent service that Sukhothai Bangkok has to offer. Each of the suites offers facilities for those coming here to relax, to have fun or to do business and work. They have an open plan bedroom and a living room with Thai style sofas and huge TV that can be accessed in the seating area and from the bed. Other facilities such as the business center that includes a desk, a fax machine, and a phone have been offered so that you can have a private space where you can conduct your business. Many people come here for work and the hotel provides everything necessary so that they can work as uninterrupted as they want and even offer services that can arrange business meetings.

The elegance of this hotel has captivated guests for many years now: it has been decorated with handmade elements, the outstanding service has been praised over and over again and the effortless opulence has made it a luxurious retreat for many. There’s a lot to say about the service here but most agree that they seem to have an intuition about what their guests might need and they are also very precise in their detailed work. And the hospitality is not fake; people working here enjoy this luxurious environment and wish to offer service like no other. Every detail you see has been calculated so that you will be catered so that you will miss nothing from back home. It’s like escaping in another world, a dream world where you can have everything and just relax.