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Nang Gin Kui

Located in Bangkok’s Chinatown, one of the most popular areas in the city, the Nag Gin Kui restaurant offers delightful meals and a superb view over the river Chao Phraya.

Once you enter the restaurant, you will notice the warm and very comfortable environment; although it serves 5 star food, this particular restaurant doesn’t have the formal approach you will often find in such establishments. The restaurant has been decorated to ensure the comfort of guests so you will find a lot of soft floor cushions for seating and traditional Thai tables. It also features an open kitchen area so that you can take a peek at how your food gets prepared.

Another great advantage when eating at Nang Gin Kui is the beautiful huge panorama windows that offer views upon the city. Make sure that you seat near the window and get the delicious Thai Fusion 15 Course Dinner Menu. The menu includes free beverages, sparkling wine, desserts coffee, tea and some seasonal fruits. The whole experience can be enhanced by the fact that you are paired with other people so you end up sharing a meal and discussing with other tourist. People coming here enjoy the idea of meeting someone new and making new friends. The whole concept is meant to be simple: people are introduced to one another and then they are taken to the restaurant. You have to set a date beforehand as this is not a walk in restaurant. Of course, those who want something more romantic and unique can choose to have a solitary meal or a meal in two, but the whole experience is so much better when choosing the option of meeting new people. You will have to tell the team ahead what type of dinner you prefer and they can even prepare the most romantic dinner with candle light, customized flowers and candle decoration, wine as well as homemade chocolate cake.

The dishes are carefully prepared by the team using homemade products as well as the highest quality ingredients and fresh produce.  However, dining at Nang Gin Kui is not just dinning, it’s an experience.  Meeting new people, having someone cook especially for you, having a great meal in a great atmosphere, all those constitute a unique experience that you will happily remember for years, unlike other restaurant experience you might have. If you are open minded and want to try out a unique part of Bangkok, it’s definitely worth to try Nag Gin Kui.