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Khao San Road

A charming place a lot of travelers seek to experiment, the Khaosan Road, also known as the Khao San Road is a very short street in the center of Bangkok. For those who need a more exact location, the area is about 1 kilometer north of the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew. The street captures what was once known as one of the biggest Bangkok rice markets as it was filled with boutiques and vendors who made huge profit from the selling of rice. Actually, the name of the street, Khaosan, can be translated as milled rice.

The street is not part of the rice market anymore and for more than 20 years it has become something very different. Now you can see a lot of boutiques and cheap accommodation for those travelers who come to Bangkok on a budget. It is known to be the backpacker ghetto and those coming here can find a whole new world located within Bangkok, in just one kilometer. The accommodation here ranges from very cheap accommodation to more mid-range hotels. The whole area oozes with tourist friendly services, from coaches going to major destinations around Thailand to a big range of travel agencies. Here you can also find proximity to major areas in the city such as the Chiang Mai and the Ko Pha Ngan to the south two sites that are a must when visiting Thailand.

The area is heaven for any person who is looking for inexpensive shopping as there is a wide range of handcrafts, paintings, clothes, local fruits, pirated CDs and second hand books and a lot of backpacker items. However, everything changes in the evening, the area turns into a big party with a lot of bars and a lot of music. There are also a lot of street food vendors who offer unusual treats for tourists, from barbecued insects to the most unusual of snacks. The area seems to become an international hub for dancing and simply having fun culminating with a series of festivals that are hosted here regularly.

If you come here, you shouldn’t forget to visit the beautiful Budhist temple that is under royal patronage. The temple is called Wat Chana Songram and is just to the west of Khanosan Road. It is a tranquil haven next to this busy and dynamic street. In the northwest you can visit the Islamic community of Thailand where you will also encounter a few small mosques.