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Ariyasomvilla is located in the center of Bangkok, along the busy streets where you can feel close to anything that matters in this dynamic city. Coming to Ariyasom Villa is supposed to be a rewarding experience and many travelers have considered this place to be a little haven of relaxation and opulence in the middle of Bangkok. The house was built in 1941-1942, when Bangkok was definitely not as big and it was almost in the middle of nowhere. Now, it is in the middle of everything and the guests here will feel like this is what connects them to the rest of the city through the lovely Sky train that is just a short walk away from the hotel.

Not far from here, you can visit the beautiful flower garden, if you love to shop; you will mostly enjoy the fact that the villa is located near some of the biggest shopping attractions. Siam Paragon, Central World, Emporium and Chatujak weekend market are just a few of the things that will spark each tourist’s interest.

For those who are more conscious of what they eat the lovely Na Aroon Restaurant is one of those lovely establishments that serve vegetarian food and seafood. So, if you have a special diet you will enjoy the menu filled with fresh, tasty and incredibly healthy food. All these will contribute to even a more pleasant stay at Ariyasomvilla. Don’t forget, if you ever eat at the lovely Na Aroon Restaurant to check out the dessert menu. The restaurant is known for its spectacular desserts that have been influenced by both Asian and Western cuisine, so you must try things like chocolate tart, bread and butter pudding or apple crumbles.

The Villa is located next door to Bumrungard International Hospital, a hospital that provides first class medical services for those in need. There are also a lot of good dentists in the area so you might want to combine your stay here in Thailand with more affordable dentistry.

Whatever reason you come here for, you will absolutely love this villa. Built by the family who still owns it now, the villa has 25 Rooms and Suites, a restaurant, room service, a lovely swimming pool, a luxury spa and a few facilities for those coming here for business. There is also a Meditation Hall for those coming here to relax and, perhaps, find themselves as well as many other attractions in the area that you have to enjoy.