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Ocean Bangkok Club

A lot of those coming to Bangkok find it to be a great and really dynamic city. Here you can find all kinds of fun activities, from sightseeing to visiting museums. But the nightlife in Bangkok is something worth experiencing and the Ocean Bangkok Club is definitely the place to try out. Located in downtown Sukhumvit, this chic beach club is one of the best places in the city to dance and meet new people. The recipe for fun is pretty simple and everybody who loves pool parties will understand why. You can come with a bunch of friends or even alone, as people here are very friendly and you will soon find yourself in the company of new friends. The club is unique in Bangkok and wants to offer an experience that is usually had in Phuket or Koh Samui so those who feel nostalgic about the clubs there, should definitely try the Ocean Bangkok Club.

There is a variety of drinks that you can get here, from a few signature cocktails to some of the most popular mixtures.

The club features a large pool, perfect for a huge party along with spacious outdoor deck around it for those who don’t feel like getting wet. There is also a restaurant that serves both international and Thai food along with an indoor bar. When it comes to the decor you will notice that white, simple and contemporary design prevails. What makes it a great place to hang out is the fact that it works both as a club and a place to chill with friends as there’s no crowd during the week and you can relax on the oversized cushions while sipping from a delicious cocktail. And that’s not even the best part; those who come here can also request massages by the pool or have fun with friends while playing table football and ping pong. During the weekend, the atmosphere gets hot as there are different themed parties along with promos on cocktails and other drinks and even happy hours with free drinks for everybody. The crowd at the Ocean Bangkok Club is both national and international so if you want to meet all kind of people and are looking forward to having fun you will absolutely love it.

So, if you want to get away from the heat but also have fun and listen to good music, check out the Ocean Bangkok Club, the hottest spot in Bangkok.