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Chao Phraya River is one of the biggest rivers in Thailand and also a major attraction in Bangkok. The picturesque river flows through the city and then into the Gulf of Thailand; it has become one of the main landmarks tourists come to visit in Thailand. The river is also known by another beautiful name, me nam, meaning mother river. You will usually find the latter name written on western maps when you are checking them out.

With a length of 365 kilometres, the Pharya River is one of the principal rivers in Thailand as it flows through the nation’s centre. An interesting fact about this particular river is that all past capitals of Thailand have always been situated nearby, always making it an important landmark.

Besides being a romantic place in Thailand, the Chao Phraya river is also one of the main transport means, a source of water and a great source of entertainment. The views are amazing and there are a few banks, river, headwaters as the Ping, Wang and Yom that are located in the north of Thailand which shouldn’t be missed.

A lot of the tourists coming to Thailand who want to have a unique experience usually use the ferry across to the Temple of Dawn.  This is a great way to experience Bangkok at its fullest and it’s also a great activity when it’s too warm outside. Another way to enjoy the lovely Chao Phraya river is to take one of the cruise packages that are so popular among tourists. There you can have lunch while admiring the city and the beautiful river. A good tip is to go when there are fewer tourists because it’s usually quite a crowd there.

Another interesting characteristic of this river is the fact that you can have a wonderful time and actually grab a bite to eat or something sweet while being out on a boat. There are several floating markets with a lot of people who are selling either food like snacks or sweets or, most of the time, selling souvenirs. Chao Phraya River will also be a wonderful adventure for your kids as the whole ride will definitely keep them engaged and interested.

So a cruise or at least a ferry ride on the legendary Chao Phraya River is definitely a must for those who want to experience Bangkok and do all the tourist activities.

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