Bangkok's Creepy Museums

If you like to do more underground activities when you visit a city then you should definitely check out the Creepy Museums located in the Siriraj Hospital while you’re travelling to Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok.

The series of museums does not showcase your average artsy paintings and sculptures nor does it boast great classics. It does however offer six distinct museums that will undoubtedly satisfy even the most morbid of tourist curiosities. Out of the six museums the ones you want to check out for the creepiest exhibits are The Pathology and Forensics Museum and The Anatomic Museum.

The Pathology & Forensics Museum

Don’t expect a steady progression of sights as you will immediately see the pathology room which displays formaldehyde preserved babies which have been afflicted with some of the rarest genetic disorders known to man. The modern design and interesting setting makes this room less Carnie-show and more of a biology museum. The second room on the tour will be the parasite room where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about how our bodies are and have been affected by these parasites.

The Forensic Medicine Museum, named after Songkran Nyomsane takes things up a notch as the forensics room shows some truly macabre scenes. The bodies accident victims to series killer victims are displayed here, with the dried up body of a child murderer from the 1950s being the star attraction. The reasoning behind the exhibits, at least according to Thai officials is that they should have a deterring effect on any potential criminals. There is no sociological data to show if this approach actually worked or not.

The Anatomical Museum

The Anatomical Museum is located in the neighboring building and its historic interior décor will truly transport you back in time. The classic, wood based décor peaks in the anatomy room where numerous skeletons are displayed in wood and glass cabinets. You can also observe dissected or partially dissected bodies of adults as well as children and read some interesting information on the cause of death or any other health related data.

Formaldehyde jars contain numerous organs as well as any imaginable genetic mutation, all beautifully displayed in what is a less scary but rather interesting attraction.

All six museums are well managed and offer interesting exhibits however, some psychological preparation might be in order before entering, particularly for the more squeamish of tourists.