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The Livingroom at Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most dynamic cities in this part of Asia and this is one of the main reasons why it has managed to become such an important tourist destination. It offers a seemingly endless array of bars, pubs, restaurant, clubs and everything in between, making it one of the world’s most important entertainment destinations.

Large clubs and restaurant franchises are mixed with cozy local restaurant which cook in just about any cuisine imaginable, from local favorites to complex European dishes, all-American inspirations as well as other Asian and African influences or they create an interestingly unique fusion of all those cooking styles.

The Livingroom, located on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road offers a stunning mix of elegance, entertainment and good food, making it a definite must try while spending time in Thailand’s capital city.

The elegant interior decorations create a pleasant, cozy and stylish atmosphere, one which evokes class and good taste. The venue is focused on live music, particularly jazz and blues, and often has numerous high-profile local bands and solo acts performing on stage. International talent also has regular bookings at the Livingroom so anytime you walk through the door you shouldn’t be surprised to find Grammy award winners or some of the biggest names in jazz playing onstage.

The food at the Livingroom is absolutely superb as well, with guests having their pick from the a la carte menu. They can choose delicious pasta dishes, grilled seafood and other meats, an overwhelming amount of salads both simple and with seafood and of course numerous tasty snacks and bites like tapas, quesadillas or other similar dishes.

The bar menu is where the real fun is at. An impressive wine list is coupled with fun cocktails and an amazing assortment of high quality spirits and many more, in order to create the near perfect atmosphere which you will find every night at the Livingroom.

This classy establishment also has several amazing promotions that will make even daytrips to the Livingroom a great idea. One of these promotions is called Sunday Jazzy Brunch, where all guest can get up to 25 percent off the brunch menu as well as other amazing treats.

Regardless of what time you choose to show up or what you choose to eat, you will certainly love the amazing atmosphere, the world class live-entertainment as well as the beautiful decoration that the Livingroom offers all its guest.