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Seven Spoons

Seven Spoons is an incredible opportunity for those who come to Bangkok and want to check out one of its famous restaurants as it offers a grand selection of gourmet dishes perfect for those who really love food. The restaurant is pretty small for how popular it is and people need to make a reservation way ahead of time in order to catch a spot here. But, if you are really a gourmet lover and you want to make sure that you don’t miss out when it comes to food in Bangkok, you will certainly find a way to make sure that you are present here.  The restaurant offers Mediterranean and vegetarian food but is also opened for quick snacks such as sandwiches or small lunches, not to mention its delicious cocktails, famous in all of Bangkok. What makes Seven Spoons so special is the fact that it’s still not that popular among tourists, but more of a local restaurant, a gem among restaurants in Bangkok that only a few know about.

Since it’s a bit far from the city center, near the junction of Chakkrapatipong Road and Lan Luang Road many people never even get to experiment it. It has a cool retro bar and a comfortable dining area where people can sit and talk without feeling awkward since the staff is extremely friendly. Before sitting in the restaurant or after dining you are recommended to try one of the cool cocktails as it will definitely surprise you through its incredible array of flavors. Seven Spoons cocktails are known for their amazing taste and the restaurant is often sought by cocktail lovers due to its wide variety of cocktails. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it changes its cocktails according to season so there’s always something you haven’t tried.

The food is absolutely amazing and you can tell that it has been made with organic and locally sourced produce. You should definitely try the mushrooms, whether they are part of a salad or next to your meat dish. If you are a vegetarian you can choose from some of their fantastic salads made with mango or avocado or the chef’s special, the smoky roast aubergine stuffed with rice and barley pilaf and ultimately topped with delicious mozzarella. This mouth-watering dish will offer you a flavorful experience and completely change your mind about vegetarian food if you thought it cannot be tasty. Those who prefer meat will love the duck breast served here or the bacon wrapped pork fillet or perhaps the chicken and olive salad with mustard dressing. The desserts are as spectacular as the main dishes with lots of flavors and a lot of personality.